Value-Add Resourcing

The Directors of JEDCO are pleased to announce the roll out of our Value-Add Resourcing model, in collaboration with strategic alliance partners (AQUIP), and in parallel with last month’s Project Risk Assurance (PRA) announcement.

The Value-Add Resourcing model is built around our Solution Partnering philosophy of Less is More, and as we have said since JEDCO’s inception, it is Time for Change.  Private and Public-Sector organisations have experienced a paradigm shift in how they must plan and execute their projects and investments if they are to remain sustainable.  The project environment we find ourselves in at present is likely to be with us for a while, so there is a discrete need to minimise cost and schedule over run in order to sustain the future of projects and businesses.

Energy, Marine and Infrastructure developments are becoming more and more complex, and are in environments that are unpredictable. Project schedule and cost over runs need to be addressed at the front end, as well as contingencies put in place to manage the inevitability of environmental and political challenges.

If we are to see a resurgence in project opportunities, we need to instil confidence back into the definition, assessment and planning phases of projects, not just beyond FID or solely at point of execution. We need assurance that project management structures have identified key risk factors related to potential cost and schedule over runs, quality issues, CSU and operations, and that these factors have been addressed and assured against key project deliverables.      

JEDCO, AQUIP and I.C.E. teams have been developing a personnel management system, to overlay with those bespoke ‘Project Execution’ applications which were announced on 01st April 2020 Streamlining Decision Making on Projects. The value-add resourcing model will be supported across-borders as and when required, through a trusted network of partners and alliances, who have the processes and infrastructure to provide seamless in-country support, and whose leaders have fully embraced the Solution Partnering philosophy and understand true meaning of value and sustainability.

Darren McLean – Executive Director (JEDCO)

As you will see from both and Phil Aquilina’s profiles, these guys have developed systems, processes and applications for some of the world’s largest companies and projects, including Chevron Wheatstone and Inpex Ichthys.  Since his arrival into Singapore last year, we have been working with him and his teams in Singapore, Perth and Cebu, along with the leaders of I.C.E, on some exciting and game changing software and system developments, as we look to close and deliver several exciting offshore, marine and renewable project and investment opportunities across Asia, Australia and Middle East.

Phil Aquilina – Founder (Aquip) provides full stack business solutions through the development of applications, AI & BI tools and process automation.  These past months engagements with the JEDCO and I.C.E. teams have provided the perfect platform to support’s entry into the Asian markets from our new offices in Singapore and Philippines, as we expand our business model outside of our roots in Australia.  Our developers are true full stack and apply not only modern application frameworks but also incorporate embedded data analytics, reporting, business intelligence and automation tools within the deployed solutions where appropriate.  This use of standardised tools ensures our developers are not reinventing the wheel and can provide a feature rich solution in the most cost-effective way.   Our certified Microsoft Power BI specialists help companies gain valuable insights into their data, allowing users to have a wholistic view and make decisions with confidence.  Using Power BI embedded, we can integrate these solutions within your existing applications.

ABOUT AQUIP.IO is an international consultancy providing a broad range of business solutions. No client is too big or too small and they are advocates of providing advice and solutions which are appropriate for the business profile and size. strive to not only be programmers but also have a proficient knowledge of all major software packages in the market, to ensure they are providing the most cost-effective solution to clients and projects. For corporations with established systems, focus is on automating existing processes and gaining more insight on their business data so that they can make decisions with confidence. have worked hard to achieve their reputation, and whether they are working for small start-ups or large corporations apply the same levels of thought, care and attention to detail. For more information checkout the website


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