New Appointment

The Management Team at Joint Efficient Developments Consultancy (JEDCO) are pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Cameron as Principal Consultant as we inch closer to the next phase investment and official roll out of our Project Execution model in Asia.

With a 25-year career in the Oil and Gas industry across the Middle East, Europe, US, Canada, and most recently Asia Pacific, Brian brings a wealth of practical knowledge in the Energy market, across upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. His proven track record in successfully developing complex Service, Fabrication and EPC businesses and start-ups along with specific skills in team development, integration, and client relationship management, will assist not just our immediate business development activities, but support the longer-term growth and delivery of sustainable stakeholder returns.

“Through the adoption of our Project Risk Assurance and Execution methodologies and processes, and in collaboration with our invested partners here in Asia, we have developed a value-add strategy and execution model that not only enhances our own plans and infrastructure but those of our partners and collective clients and projects. The coming months objective is to finalise the next phase of investment into the model and bring on board the additional people and processes required to deliver on our near, mid, and longer-term commitments in and out of Asia.”

Darren McLean – Executive Director

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“JEDCO’s approach to creating best in class project specific execution solutions that build on the joint expertise and experience of project delivery professionals, partners and clients, in a shared benefit model actually delivers what the Energy, Marine and Infrastructure markets aspire to have on every project. Removing risk and assuring success by working together is a simple but highly effective mantra and I’m excited to join JEDCO at such a pivotal time in our industry where project opportunities abound.

Brian Cameron, Principal Consultant

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