Project Risk Assurance

The Directors of JEDCO are pleased to announce the roll out of our Project Risk Assurance (PRA) execution model in collaboration with strategic alliance partners International Commissioning and Engineering (I.C.E).

JEDCO signed a collaboration contract with I.C.E. in 2018, and last year began development of our collective PRA model. The overarching philosophy of the model is to provide effective management of project risk, to protect and enhance the project value, to deliver a positive return on stakeholder investment, and to drive operational efficiency across each phase of projects.

Deliverables are achieved through the application of processes and personnel that provide a panoramic and transparent view of the critical project risks, identifying the controls and mitigations needed to address them, which in turn support the delivery of projects in line with financial investment decisions and stakeholder expectations.  

Leaders from both companies have formed a steering committee, who this week signed collaboration agreements with clients and Solution Partner alliances across Australia, Asia and Middle East, allowing more detailed dialogue into several investment and project opportunities. These strategic development discussions are fully supported by a cross border Advisory Group made up of stakeholders from JEDCO, I.C.E and our collective alliances. Near-term focus through 2020 is to close out those Oil and Gas, Marine and Renewable investment and project development opportunities already in view.

On 18th June, JEDCO put pen to paper with a strategic partner in Middle East, giving direct access to investor groups, who have the appetite to enter and / or expand their portfolios in the energy, marine and infrastructure markets. Through the adoption of Solution Partnering methodologies, our collective teams are working together to not only qualify opportunities, but develop overarching philosophies and end to end execution strategies that add-value to the full life cycle of future initiatives, supported through the implementation of the PRA people and processes, helping to de-risk and deliver sustainable returns for all invested stakeholders.

Darren McLean – Executive Director (JEDCO)

“JEDCO signed up I.C.E. back in 2018 and kick-started development works of the PRA model late last year. Through Q1 our teams have carried out a deeper dive into the synergies across our businesses, and how best to tap into each companies’ areas of expertise and networks. The feedback from investors, partners, clients and government stakeholders has been positive, with interest already officially registered. Over the coming weeks it is JEDCO’s role and commitment to bring all key stakeholders together, qualify and close initial discussions, and build the trust levels across the parties, where as a collective we can progress our sustainable Equity, Develop and Operate strategy.

Craig Bennett – Executive Director (JEDCO)

The PRA model interfaces seamlessly with our existing execution model, helping JEDCO and our partners to further de-risk projects, adding an additional assurance layer to our business and projects strategic development. Project Risk Assurance complements our lean and agile solution partnering execution philosophy, which has been showcased by our ability to deliver sizeable contracts in Asia, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, overcoming supply chain and fabrication challenges. Our sister company Reference Marine International has also continued to thrive at this difficult time, delivering value to the clients, with small dynamic teams. This further confirms our commitment to our Solution Partnering model, as it showcases our ability to execute and deliver, even in the most difficult of circumstances, ultimately giving assurance and value back to our customers.

Aaron Johnson – Managing Director (I.C.E)

I.C.E. are pleased to be progressing our ongoing collaboration agreement with JEDCO and our collective Solution Partners around the world, as we collectively take to market the pioneering Solution Partnering, Project Risk Assurance and execution models for existing and future project opportunities. The combination of our business strengths, connections, knowledge, and experience best positions us to qualify new opportunities to our respective clients. Importantly, the combination unlocks the potential for significant value creation, by increased input and oversight into prospective opportunities, from assess through to operate phases of the project life cycle. This will deliver improved assurance for all involved stakeholders. Dialogue across the partner organisations to date has been open and honest, paving the way for a trusted and sustainable partnership in the years to come.


I.C.E is a Project Risk Assurance (PRA), Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU)/Operational Readiness (OR) company specialising in the Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Energy sectors. Assurance and verification expertise brought through the development & implementation of project execution strategies, pan project verification for readiness plans, operation readiness strategies and plans, project control processes, project assurance plans and project assurance reviews. For more information checkout the website


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