New Announcement

The Management Team at Joint Efficient Developments Consultancy (JEDCO) are pleased to announce the appointment of John Matchett as Consultant – Project Controls to support coming months ramp up in bids, tenders and execution activity across Australia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North America. This is a key appointment and showcases to our strategic partner and clients, that we are following through on our commitments as JEDCO inches closer to the next phase investment and official roll out of our Project Execution model in Asia.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, construction projects and contractual dispute resolution in Asia/Pacific, Europe, and Americas, John brings a wealth of experience into the business. Past projects include the manufacture of items for nuclear physics experiments to Floating Production Storage Offloading for the Oil & Gas industry. John has worked within large multinational organisations and as an independent consultant.


“Through the adoption of our Project Risk Assurance and Execution methodologies and processes, and in collaboration with our invested partners here in Asia, we have developed a value-add strategy and execution model that not only enhances our own plans and infrastructure but those of our partners and collective clients and projects. The coming months objective is to finalise the next phase of investment into the model and bring on board the additional people and processes required to deliver on our near, mid, and longer-term commitments in and out of Asia.”

Darren McLean – Executive Director

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“I’ve known the JEDCO team for many years and they have built a model that includes processes and procedures that many project people talk about but rarely implement. Due to the budgetary and schedule constraints facing all projects, they have implemented a model that introduces efficiencies that will be the envy of industry. I’m looking forward to working with this no nonsense company providing bespoke practical solutions for all client’s needs.”

John Matchett, Consultant, Project Controls

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