J Paterson CSU Advisor

New Appointment

The Management Team at Joint Efficient Developments Consultancy (JEDCO), are pleased to announce the appointment of John Paterson as Technical Advisor-Commissioning and Start-up.  John is the Director of Projects for one of JEDCO’s Solution Partners, International Commissioning and Engineering (I.C.E) in Singapore.

John has over 40 years of experience in Oil & Gas projects spanning Corporate, Client and Contractor Commissioning Management roles.  He was formerly the Global CSU Principle Technical Expert (PTE) for Shell, located in The Hague for 6 years.

John has held senior Commissioning and Start-Up Management roles on mega projects such as the BP West Nile Delta project, SEIC Sakhalin Phase II, Kashagan and the Shell Bonga FPSO and Gumusut Kakap projects.

Since signing our Solution Partnering agreement early last year, we’ve been working closely with him and the rest of the I.C.E management team on several market and feasibility studies, in particular developing and aligning I.C.E’s commissioning, start-up and operational readiness philosophies and processes, with our own Project Execution and Project Resourcing methodologies.

John’s background and experience speaks for itself, and we are looking forward to his, and the rest of the I.C.E management teams continued subject matter input, and ongoing technical support.

It is both an honour and a pleasure to be appointed as Technical Advisor Commissioning and Start Up with JEDCO. Over the past 12 months I.C.E and JEDCO management have been working together to bring a more collaborative and common-sense approach to how projects, and in particular project management, is executed and controlled. Working closely with both Darren and Craig over this time has highlighted the real value that our combined capability and knowledge brings to the table.

By focusing on the key elements that help drive projects, and by developing the correct strategies, determining deliverables that enable and assist delivery, and by using measurable control processes and complimentary skillsets, I have no doubt that we’ll bring back ‘real value add’ to projects, and nurture open and strong relationships and communication with customers and stakeholders. The STEER Solution Partnering model supports the best elements to enable effective project management and successful execution of projects, and build a strong reputation in the industry, one that reflects the true capabilities of strategic collaboration.

John Paterson – Director of Projects, I.C.E and Technical Advisor CSU, JEDCO.


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For more information on International Commissioning and Engineering (I.C.E) check out their website at http://www.iceprofessionals.com/what-we-do/